Cocktail Suggestions

White Lady

Gin, Cointreau/Triple Sec, Lemon juice, drops of egg white.


Vermute seco, Campari, Gin, Ice.

Dom Vasco Gin Tonic

Nordés gin, Lemon, Mint, Laurel, Juniper berries, Rose petals.

Cucumber Hendrick’s Gin Tonic

Hendrick’s gin, Lemon, Cucumber, Juniper berries, Rose petals.

"We were delighted by the welcome surprises, from the famous "vasquinhos" (typical regional sweets), through the kindness of welcoming us at the door with honors of special guests! The two heated pools and the surrounding garden are made out of a fairy tale and children rave. This hotel is full of details that are not seen anywhere else. I challenge everyone to try."
LuisPortuguese Customer
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