Antonio Zambujo, one of the most acclaimed voices of the portuguese music, performs in the Multiuse Pavilion of Sines, on 25 November, at 21.30. The concert, organized by the municipality of Sines, will be one of the highlights of the City Day celebrations.

Early on, António Zambujo has traced his route between the two musical schools, fado and the cante alentejano, creating a unique sound.

Born in 1975 in Beja, Zambujo took the first steps in music. Later he went to Lisbon.

In 2002, he releases its first album, “The Same Fado” with compositions designed by his own and fado of classical repertoires.

Already in 2014, he releases “Amendment of the Street”, with close fellows as Miguel Araújo, who has performed as a duet for thousands of viewers across the country.

He has just released the album “So I thought Were Mine”, a tribute to Chico Buarque.

(Source: Câmara Municipal de Sines)

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